Sadly, the word is that Stlhntr has passed away

Just a thought, as he needed mention here. As mentioned in another thread, he had heart attack dragging a deer.

Anyway, I have never met him, but somehow could feel the passion he had for his daughter. Like me with my son.

Considering I didn’t know him or his daughter, this one really bothers me.

This fella was for sure into sharing the outdoors, and loving his daughter. Raising her right. IMO.

The type we need more of.

Salty or Partnership, post up if anything can be done to help.

God Bless his daughter and family.


His family is probably like mine and never visits this sight. But if you do please know Stlhntr was well loved and respected here. His post and pictures will be sorely missed. I know he’ll be up there looking down and smiling as his Girl takes that Trophy 12pt 210# buck and makes some delicious Jerky from it.

Like DoubleN said, If anyone knows anything we can do to help the family, let us know. Never even knew the man’s name, but all the same Knew the Man.

God Speed and prayers.

Like you, I didn’t personally know Stilhntr. I only knew his personality from this site. What I do know is that he loved the outdoors and his family. It was very clear from his posts here.

We should all be so lucky to be described as an avid outdoorsman and a family man after we’re gone.

Rest in Peace.

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I think many of us felt like we knew him and felt his pride every time he posted a pic of his daughter’s hunting prowess. He and his posts will be sorely missed. If anyone knows his family. Please let them know that I would be honored to have his little red head hunt on my property any time

Hunting, fishing, and poker are my sports. Work when necessary.
Hunting, fishing, and poker are my sports. Work when necessary.

Don’t know him or daughter. Hard to believe how it makes me feel with only seeing what he has posted. Hope his bride/daughter work thru this ok.

If anyone knows, was his name Robert and daughter Kelsey??

God Bless them,

Dang! I hate to hear this news. He was one of the few keeping the wheels on around here. I enjoyed each of his posts, and looked forward to the next. If anyone finds out a way to offer support to the family please inform us?

Rest in Peace, Stlhntr


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That is a real shame. My heart goes out to his family.

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That’s terrible. I always enjoyed reading his “stories” that would almost always include his daughter either hunting or fishing. RIP

Just seeing this and my heart just sank. I imagine this is especially tough on his daughter. Some kind words have been said that I couldn’t agree with more. It’s clear he has done a wonderful job in this life and going out like that is almost storybook. RIP Stlhntr.

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One day that girl will meet the right guy and teach him how to hunt and fish!