SAFMC Member Resigns

Bob Mahood sent out an email saying Steve Amick has resigned from the SAFMC effective immediately for personal reasons. We need to speak up about who we want to replace him before EDF does. We also need to say who we want to replace Schwaab and Lubchenco at NMFS and NOAA before EDF minions fill those positions.

Anybody you got in mind? Need some education here.

I do not know who would be a good replacement for Steve Amick. I was hoping fishermen closer to Georgia would have some suggestions. As for NOAA, Dr. Brian Rothschild is widely respected and would be a great administrator who has a history of working closely with fishermen to solve problems. I would like to see Captain Rusty Hudson as the new NMFS administrator. Captain Hudson has worked in both sectors and would be fair to both sides while pushing for solutions based on sound science and common-sense.

Mark Brown?

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I second Mark Brown!! Pretty sure he has tried before and been denied… Imagine that, they don’t want someone who actually fishes for a living and is knowledgeable about our fishery.
I could be wrong though.

Wes Covington, Jason Ward, or Mark Brown…I tried 3 times already and was told that I didn’t have enough experience. WTF???


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Isn’t Steve a Georgia appointee? I don’t believe that Wes, Jason, or Mark would qualify as Georgia residents…although they would be very good commissioners. As would you Paul.

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I believe yellabird is right on all counts.

Capt Amick represented Georgia…hence Georgia will decide

Does anyone know a fisherman from Georgia who would be a good council member and might be willing to take the position?

i believe cracker larry lives in GA… he might know someone good

“mr keys”

I know several good candidates, not sure about the willing part. What are the requirements and procedure?

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Here is the document from the Georgia governor nominating Steve Amick and Mr. Philips. He also included a number of other potential candidates for SAFMC seats. Note that unlike the SC Governor he clearly stated a preferred candidate for each seat both of whom were subsequently selected and approved by NMFS.

If somebody good is willing to serve on the council we can contact the Georgia Governor to show our support for that person. We can also contact charter boat captains and seafood markets in Georgia to let them know what is happening and how important it is for them to speak up. We do not need another council member who is in bed with EDF.

Capt Wallace from Darian/Meredian needs to return to the council. Big time limited government and anti-ngo guy, who resigned after the shake down with golden crab by EDF and NMFS and the similar ramrodding of royal red and rock shrimp fisheries…he is a shrimper and head of the Ga Shrimpers Assoc…I believe Amick replaced him.

I will try to contact Capt. Wallace. Thanks DandG.