Saint Helena? Johnson Creek?

I’ll be staying at a place on the beach Saint Helena Sound side in the end of April (north side of Hunting Island State Park near Johnson Creek). Will have my kayak with me also.

What fish & baitfish can i expect from the beach?

Would the kayak be beneficial in that area?

Thanks! I’ve never fished this far north inshore.

I am assuming Pelican Pt on Folly? You can put in at the Folly landing and fish the Folly River. If you are mobile, there are a lot of great spots all over down there to fish from a kayak. Paradise Landing puts you in the upper Wando which is a good fishing spot and a great area to paddle. Gadsden landing puts you in a good fishing area but, watch your tides or you will be dragging your kayak back to the landing. There are spots to put in at the back of Sullivan’s Island. Hopefully someone else will come along and share some spots. Spring should be a pretty good time to fish, depending on what time in April.

Good luck


I’m not 100% sure on Folly. Appologies and thank you for responding.

Where I’m staying is on the north side of Hunting Island State Park near to what looks like Johnson Creek mouth.

I’m south of Charleston, but I don’t get down to fish where you are going to be. Fishing tactics and bait will be similar though. April is a fine time to fish and I would certainly bring the kayak. There’s a small ramp down there called Russ Point Boat Ramp. Its at the south end of the island you’re staying on. People fish from there or put the kayak in and go up the smaller creek. There are lots of little feeder creeks in there. Try em all on incoming tide until you find one that produces. Cut shrimp, cut mullet, quartered blue crab. Carolina rig on the bottom with 25 lb leader. Just use enough lead to keep you on your spot. Sometimes that’s only a 1/4 ounce. Less is best. If the water is dirty down there, which it probably will be, the quartered blue crab or cut mullet would be the best baits.

I’ve also heard the Turner House on St Phillips Island is a cool experience too. That’s close to where you’ll be.

Be sure to post a report of your trip!

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Awesome! Thank you.

I’ll look into checking out the Turner house but doubt I’ll be staying :grin: cool piece of history though. Appreciate it.

Will definitely share my report. Being in Gatlinburg that coast is some of my closest so it’s time I learned it more.

Ah, sounds like Harbor Island. I was a bit off geographically speaking. I was down there in June. There are 2 landings to put in that are 5 minutes from you, Butch’s Island and Russ Point. Both will put you in marsh creeks with access to bigger water. Mudminnows on a jig head bounced along the bottom or under a popping cork, live shrimp and artificial baits are what I would try. If you catch any legal blue crab, quarter those and let them soak on a Carolina rig. Lots of opportunity, just takes time on the water and finding a good spot.

Ooops, just read 23sailfish’s post, Repetitive but… Good luck


Thank you!