Saltwater.... and waders...

So, the ol standby duck huntin/ frog giggin/trout fishin/ pluff mudd battlin waders went kaput back in the spring… and with the water gettin colder the flatts boots are getting less and less attractive. So, im now in the market for a new pair of waders. Im eyeballin the SIMM’S Blackfoot, mainly because of the cheap price, I know i know, you get what you pay for. Mainly im trying to see if its justifiable to get these waders for the 2 or 3 times a year i get to hit the mountains chasing trout… So my question is 1st, any other suggestions for a college kid. 2nd how do trout waders hold up in the typical marsh environment seeing that I have only dealt with duck hunting waders in thick neopreme. So if anybody has any two cents to throw on this topic, it is definately food for thought. Thanks.

You can always count on Simms products to be of high quality even if not cheap. I definitely would recommend breathable waders over neoprene. You can always add fleece etc. to be as warm as you need but less likely to be clammy. Also without the odor that neoprene gets. If you need to save money, I would also check Cabelas waders, they usually have good value.

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saw orvis was selling their pro guide waders at 50%off, call the orvis in Myrtle Beach and talk to Jan… if you get breathables (which are superior to neoprene), rinse with fresh water after usage in salt…


Have u considered Hodgeman?

Go ahead and get the Simms and be done with your wader problems for the next 10 years.

I worked a mountain fly-shop for a few years back when I lived up that way. We sold a few different brands, but if you want a good pair of durable waders that will last you for alot of years to come, just invest in the Simms. Ive seen those waders take abuse you wouldn’t believe and live to tell about it. The blackfoot carries the same quality as all simms waders, it just lacks some of the extra amenaties such as built in gravel guards, articulated knees, and the such. Still a solid pair of waders that will last forever…

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I’ve got a pair of breathable “Chota” waders I’ve used for a number of years now; take them up to the mountains with me and use them here in the marsh, work great and were right at $100.

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simms is definately the way…like an ol pair of Khakis. I just bought my 2nd pair last year…the old ones lasted 11yrs. I still use them camping or on cold boat rides.

If you have the money, I would invest in a Peet wader/boot dryer. The thing will dry out a pair waders in a hurry especially neoprene ones. You can usually find them on sale if you look around. I think I paid $25 for mine.