Saluda thursday night

Spent the night on the Saluda and fished from 10pm to 8am and caught a total of 21 with 12in being the samllest and 38in being the biggest stripers between three people and lost a couple more it was by far the best night weve had on the Saluda yet. I was surprised that there were that many left considering its so late in the summer and I don’t think it was as big of a run considering low water.
But it was a good season and next year can only be better with all the stockings in Marion.
Also heading up to the dam around 630am we saw the two bald eagles and saw a larger bird swoop down and pull out a hefty trout.

What part of the river are you fishing. Not your exact spot, just wonder if it was upper, middle or lower. I went to my bank spot last week and never had a hit. Last year I did pretty good there. This is the first good report from the Saluda that I have heard. maybe they have become nocturnal. I have heard that bigger fish in areas with a lot of fishing presure can do that.

We headed down towards the I-26? bridge and caught most of them between Gardendale and there. Then headed back towards the dam and caught a couple small ones around Corley Island and headed right to the dam and caught two.

But that was really our first good day usually we fish in the day but the night seems alot better just gotta watch out for them rocks!!

But we tried today and caught nothing and saw nothing lots of slimy green stuff on the water I think its time to call it quits for the year.

21 stripers on the saluda is a record!

that’s a helluva day! good job

Its a record for me haha. I have friends who have caught 30+ in a night. It seems nights the better time to go.

Been fishing for stripers for many years in northeastern saltwater for the most part. After dark is always the best time. They are nocturnal by nature. Sounds like a real fun time was had.