Sat. 2-7-09 Bottom fishing on the Maverick

Started at chas 60 for live bait with no luck. Eased on out to 95-100’ on a 155 degree heading to check some live bottom. Water temp was around 57 degrees. Stacked up fish was scarce but another travel partner located BSB ganged in a couple of spots. WE anchored up and caught our 5 man limit 13"-17" BSB, some decent Chas snapper and broke a few lines on fish we can only guess as to what they were. No Snapper, Grouper,Vermellion or etc. I think the water temp is a little too high at the 100’ depth for some fish to gang up.
Still we had a great time just being able to get out there. Shamefully to say, I haven’t been on the ocean since Nov. 07 due to commitments that ate up 75% of my time with the rest going to family.
To all the guys who fished with me on a regular basis ( and I know it’s quite a few) that thought that I had died or threw their numbers away I apologize for my absence. We are going to fish this season so give me a call and lets go fishing.

Hey Mav: Give me some info on your boat, etc. @ 704-309-5171 mac daddy. Ready to go soon.