Saturday 1/21/17

Dad and I decided to get out just ahead of the rain coming in Saturday morning. I usually fish Clarks Hill but Greenwood was closer and easier with limited time to fish.

Launched up in the Reedy and saw hundreds of gulls heading up river right after daylight. We ran down to the river forks to see if any gulls were working there and kept seeing gulls flying up the Reedy. We decided they knew something we didn’t. We ran up to the fork at Rabon Creek and turned the motor off to see if we could hear the gulls working further up in the fog. As we were sitting there gulls kept coming up river past us. None turned into Rabon Creek they all were heading up the Reedy. With the lake so far down we couldn’t find a way up through the silt flats in the Reedy just above Rabon Creek. The trolling motor was grounding out so we turned around. I am assuming with all the warm weather that the bait and probably fish had stacked up in the first deep hole or two in the river above those silt flats. I know a buddy was scouting for places to duck hunt next year on Russell this past week and he said the backs of the creeks in two feet of water or less were stacked with threadfins. He saw a few fish up in there crashing them too.

We came back down to the split and caught a few bass prospecting with rattle traps and crank baits. We then tried Turkey Creek but the water was much colder in there with vey very little bait compared to the main lake. We never did find any perch or stripers to jig up. We took about 5 casts too many and got soaked on the way back in…still fun. I have a tough time on that lake unless the birds point me to the fish. I really wonder where all those perch in that lake go at times. Wish we had gone on down to Clarks Hill now.

A couple of friends of mine caught 42 Largemouth on the left (Reedy) side of the point, between the rivers, that same day. Most between 2 and 4 pounds.

I think I saw those guys catching some of those bass. I felt bad because when I broke it off plane I didn’t see them further up in the cove off the point I was going to fish because of the fog. Once I saw them I turned and went down the bank the other direction. Didn’t seem to mess them up because I saw them catch three nice bass off the point I passed up.

Still wearing them out there!

Broke back Rapala’s, and Li’l Cleo’s…of all things? NO BULL!

I’m rigging an 18’ CC (project) for my daughter. We’ll be ready soon. PM me and let’s fish sometime!!

I’ve seen you on the Striper Board, from time, to time. How’s the new Club coming along?

That sounds good I’d love to fish sometime. I will shoot you a PM. The new club never has done too much. Captain Bill that came up with the idea of getting a group together sent out a really nice group e-mail to everyone. As far as I know I was the only one to reply back to everyone but I never have heard anything else back on it.