Saturday...Hi speed trolling for Wahoo

Weather looks decent on Saturday. Heading straight out to 120 ft…put out the spread… (a few feet under the surface right?) Keep heading east to the ledge @ 14 mph and blow on my fish wistle!
Will report results (or lack thereof).

Good luck…I’d recommend putting a rubber band on the line once you get the spread out…Otherwise, if you’re like me, you’ll drink a couple beers and realize the entire spool has crept out without you noticing, ha.

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i may try the same thing if i get bored with plan A…

Friday was the better day. I would be going Saturday if the forecast was as good as today. Good luck if you go and be sure to post some pictures of the haul.

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SW Winds 5 - 10…seas 1 foot. Should be doable…no?

Pretty morning into the afternoon and then the wind will pick up a little. We’re going. Wouldn’t want to spend Saturday into Sunday on the ocean though…

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Sailflow calling for 21-23mph winds out of the SSW starting around 1pm tomorrow afternoon, gusting to 29-30. We had the Outcrop to 380 planned, but have called it off because we don’t want to be broadsided by that on the way back in. (**() you Poseidon!! That’s three cancelled Saturdays now!

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Yep sailflow has just messed up sat plans,in a small boat i will not be out there past 11 12 tomorrow…

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(**() you Poseidon!!

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be careful lest we not make it out at all this Spring bro…we had a good plan…all in due time…I’m slightly disappointed…

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Sailflow,intellicast,bouy weather all show it getting windy in the pm,NOAA still shows it nice.?

Gotta love it…i do know of 1 boat going…

noaa saying 10-15 sw out 20 miles…doesn’t sound too nice- would rather be out there than where i will be tomorrow though- enjoy!!

Started white caping in 79 ft around 9:30 decided to head in i did all the testing i needed…

Heard from 1 that it got nasty real quick,as i washed the boat in the slip i just kept looking at the flag at California Dreaming and was glad i was where i was…

There will be calmer days to play…

PS the garmin GSD 24 is awesome,it should be a fun yr…

Decided to call it off. I went last night to Bojangles and got enough food for our crew. Now I’ll be eating fried chicken for a week!

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Sailflow,intellicast,bouy weather all show it getting windy in the pm,NOAA still shows it nice.?

Gotta love it…i do know of 1 boat going…

Struggled with the same thing. We called our trip too. Sailflow nailed it btw. NOAA was wrong.

Set the trap boys, we going to pass through them again!!