Saturday June 16

Got an invite to take advantage of Saturdays weather window and get out for a while.

We made it out as far as 80 feet and the weather and sea cooperated, that was nice as we were fishing on a bay boat lol. Good stuff

Caught 6 or 8 Cobia (one keeper), a dozen ARS (no keepers), and a dozen or so random species (BSB, grunts, reef donkeys galore, joltheads, bucket liners, silkies, triggers,etc…)

All in all it was an awesome day on the water with some good old friends. It was great catching up with them AND catching some freezer fodder.


Nice seeing you back out there!

Thanks for the pics, and report!!

Did you fish near the Freighters?

GREAT mixed bag bottom bumping!

Some real tasty critters on that list, glad you got out there- looks like a really nice ocean yesterday too!

Great report! cobia’s one of my favorite fish! live bait?

Yes live bait.


Thats the shipping channel… on the way out. Boats lined up for miles waiting to offload at CHS

We fished south and outbound of that

Cool! They were a few miles short of Comanche on our way out 5/17.

And, a few miles short of 226 Hole on 5/31.

Different angles offshore.

I thought the “shipping channel” was E/NE of the “C” buoy?

Around thirteen miles out?

Maybe I’m confusing it with the “Anchorage”?

Thanks for the lesson!!

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Very cool. Cobia is on my “want to catch someday” list

Glad to see some pics of you on the water. Still got it.

Great report! And go vols!

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