Saturday May 20 - Mahi Madness

So after our failed attempt to go offshore last Wednesday, we had everything ready to go this time. After reviewing the currents, temperatures, and altimetry, we decided to go northwest of the 226.

We left the dock just before 5am and headed out to a very dark morning. Coming out of the jetties was a little harrowing because there were so many boats crowding around a shrimping boat that had his rear deck light on full eye-sear mode. Once out of the jetties it seemed like everyone was going north except for us! I couldn’t help but wonder if they knew something we didn’t.

We pressed forward anyways and got to some really nice weed islands in 130’ of water around 6:45. After a few minutes, we had our outriggers deployed and started putting out our lines. Before we go the third line out it was game on.

We stayed in 130’ of water around the same area landing 17 Mahi and 3 little tunny. By noon we were done and decided to go back to the dock to clean fish rather than bottom fishing! It ended up being an epic trip!


YES! I was telling someone not long ago that back in the day me and my dad would go out at 135deg and start dropping lines if we see weeds or flying fish starting at 130’. You guys killed it. good job! Sometimes you don’t need to go deep to get the meat.

Nice, very nice

What a beautiful fish

Epic Indeed!
Thanks for the report and pics.

What a great day!

You can’t beat their color when they first come out of the Water! Congratulations on a great day!

For the record, I was supposed to be Out There today, with Rebelstate, but all of the rain lately has me too far behind at work.
I hope they do as well as you guys did!

Nice job in 130 ft! I bet a lot of those boats went out to 1,300 ft…