Saturday Morning in the Wando

Went up in Nowell Creek for the second time Saturday morning. 30 degrees. Wind was 10-15 knots. Blustery by any definition, but we decided to test our courage and dedication! Spotted two schools on the F/F but only managed a half-hearted bite. My first trip in there gave me a nice trout while toying with an artificial. The curse of the full moon still has me firmly in its grasp. The rest of the day left us with nothing to show but windburn and chapped lips. Saw a dolphin cruising the creeks and figured that was a sign to get out of dodge. Even though it was cold, the scenery was as impressive as usual, and that made it all worth it!

17’ Flats and Bay

Great post! In winter I go ahead and count redfish I see as caught fish. You’ve earned it.