Saturday Report.... Sort of

I got out there around 7:00 AM after getting bait from David and hit the river channel above Spence with a drift with a 50 foot down rod(singular) and a spoon. In short order, I caught 2 decent fish and encountered 5 small ones that inexplicably got off(wink, wink, nudge, nudge:smiley:). Anyways, I went to crank up to find better fish. I turned the key and nothing happened. I tried a jump. Still, nothing; so I started on the way back in with the troller, periodically trying to start the power plant with no results. By 11:30, I was on the trailer and on my way to Mid-Carolina Marine. When I got there, I explained my plight to the mechanic and got up on the boat to show him it wouldn’t crank… Well, the motor tried to hit. We took off the cowl, and it turned out it was a simple case of the bolts connecting the cable to the starter working loose! … No yard bill! Oh well. Something else to keep an eye on.

When I got home, I got something to eat and hit the pillow for 4 hours. It was a late night Friday as my son’s Airport Eagles beat BC 42-37. I’m a proud papa as this was Robert’s first wire to wire varsity game at center !.. I’d also like to give props to a fellow Charleston Fishing member who helped me get the Hardcore XPress on the trailer. Wish I could remember his handle.

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Dosent sound to much fun for a Saturday! Is your herring staying alive long? Do you hook through tbe nostrils?

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Fun is where ever and however you find it… I hook the herring between the nostrils and usually go with the hook in front of the left eye to get it there. Seems to live fine, but if I’m marking and don’t have a bite within 5 minutes I check it.

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Glad to hear it wasn’t something more serious - especially since you just got the XPress back in business!

How old is your Yamahammer? I’ll bet you have cranked that thing a thousand times!!

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Dano, it’s a 1987 that’s been in the family since '91. It was on a (Striped) Basshawk until '11 when the transom rotted. Then, we hung it on the Xpress. I’m hoping to keep it going at least until we get our oldest through college. That would be 6 more years. Nonetheless, I can’t complain about the service my Yammy has given… A thousand cranks is on the conservative side. Probably 5000 would be more accurate:)

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Thanks Fog. Glad is wasn’t too bad…that’s a big ole motor.

Nice report - except for the part about Airport beating BC. 6 or 8 turnovers (several resulting in easy TD’s) by BC really hurt - and they still fought back and had a chance to win.
Those Eagles better be ready when they come to our house. :slight_smile: HAHA!!!

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No 96Whaler. All thanks go to you. You made it easy to get the boat back on the trailer. I knew your handle was something “Whaler” but couldn’t remember the number.:smiley:

Billy, we’ll see how it turns out on Halloween eve. I expect both teams to play a cleaner ball game. Right now, we’re concerned for our qb who was injured on our last offensive play.

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