Saturday slaying

Had the pleasure of being able to fish with capt Robert (knot@work) on Saturday. We found a barrel in like 300’ and it was on like donkey Kong for 2 hours. Picked up lines and headed to dock at noon to clean fish. Most fun I’ve ever had offshore however I will say I don’t get to go deep very often.

Joe I know you read these reports and thank you so much for having me tag along. I owe you man!


When its good, its really good!

Great day on the water!

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Congrats Hammured, and good to hear from you 23.

Man, back by noon AND caught fish. What a great day.

Wow! We tried to go out but I slept in and then the marina was out of ice so we went back to the dock to go another day… great report, thanks for sharing!!

Nice report!! I know a few others that did well this weekend. Two of em buddied out and found a good weed line in 250’ and both did fantastic until 10:00 and they said the bite just cut off. One nice Wahoo and only one slinger on the Dolphin.

You got some nice meat from that trip! Hats off to you and your crew.