Saw this in the river, what are they?

Had it in fishing discussion, but I guess they are not related to fishing and were deleted?

These were in the mouth of a creek off Coosaw creek. Anyone know what these are for?

this sea wall was just a little bit up in the same creek, Both sides around the bluff had one built. The pic shows only about half the length. I could only imagine the price of the install. Had to be on the back side of Dale. It was just up from the Governors Dock.

Not the best pictures to be able to tell… Maybe some sort of pipeline buoy? Dredge stuff? Not sure…

Bout time you made it out on the water some though! :+1:

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wife and I had a blast Stump!! We put in at greys hill and out to the broad down to Fripp back up to morgan and then back to the landing. almost 100 miles. Found my best fuel economy around 3800 -4200 and 35mph Got spooked a couple times around Fripp bumping bottom … that area has changed a lot in a several years.

Barbawing says they are for oysters.