SC removing illegal "NO Wake" signs

Dont think this has been posted, but what do yall think?

finally. i do not slow down for empty docks on the ICW with unauthorized signs anyhow.

How does a person know if it is a legitimate no wake zone? Are no wake zones posted on a map somewhere? There are several places I go through that I think that someone just threw signs up illegally.

I try to be mindful of my wake when I see someone fishing or an anchored boat but I think empty docks or boats on lifts should not be no wake.

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This is a LEGAL no wake buoy. I believe all legal ones have the DNR seal on them somewhere.

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My boat is docked in a true DNR no wake zone. I see a lot of boats slow down but still have there engines between 1000-2000 rpms. That ultimatly puts a bigger wake then when on plane. Pisses me off.

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Jimmy, when you edited your post you forgot the s :wink:


SC to rid itself of illegal “No Wake” buoys

I didn’t see them say illegal signs (which people nail to their docks).

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What i was trying to say last time was, what about the police dept no wake signs? Guess those are approved by DNR. Some how i ended up with only a b.

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