Scout boat Help!!!

I purchased a 02 scout 185 sportfish recently. Pretty good shape but need some parts for it. Can anyone tell me where to find parts for these boats? Already tried scout with no luck. Please help. Thanks

What parts are you looking for?

Scout 185

Anyone is going to have to know what parts in order to answer. Ebay is where I get a lot of my boat/motor things.

Wellcraft V-20 sportfish with a 200 Evinrude

I am looking for the console storage compartment door and frame. Also the cargo net storage and frame that’s in front of your feet. I have checked ebay with no luck as well. Thanks

Try They carry a huge variety of that kind of stuff.

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Flounder pounder in Florida has some parts for Scouts.

Still no luck. Thanks for the info.

Call scout, they are top notch and can help you out.

Hanckel did have an ad here for left overs after they quit carrying Scout.

I found that many of the parts Scout used 10/12 years ago were crap. I have reworked, rebuilt, and just plain fabricated stuff for my boat. They used screws around the T top. Why anyone would do that is beyond me. We thru bolted them all with big azz plate washers. I think the newer models are better thought out, you are just kinda on your own for these older models. The boat industry hasn’t fully come out of the depression as far as I can tell, and all but a few are running on Skelton crews.