Scouting Trip Thursday

Could not round up a crew last minute so went on a solo scouting mission. The ocean was like a lake…checked out some new live bottom…circled around the first area for about an hour and found some nice lit up spots…first drop ARS 30" plus inches…fished that area for a couple hours but got worn out on AJ’s, and managed a few big Knot Heads the Cudas didn’t get…I know there had to be more ARS down there but they must have wised up to my methods…moved out deeper to find some more live bottom and found nada for a couple hrs…
Finally got the screen all lit up again… next drop was another 30" plus ARS and then another smaller one…lots of AJ’s, some C-Bass…never put down the smaller bait for Vermillions/Triggers…next time…

It was a real shame to watch one of those big ARS float off for shark bait…was lip hooked, vented and still did not make it.

All in all a top notch trip…Flat calm, marked some new spots and did not burn much gas. Sometimes it is great for the soul to be out alone exploring.

Filet knife…

How do you go about prospecting like this?

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Dang!! We might have to go prospect those spots with some tanks soon.

You need a crew? I’ll do whatever to get out there ha. Good report

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Beaufortboy…you can scout out spots while trolling or look at a Maps Unique and that puts you in a general area of different types of live bottom…most is low relief, some moderate…we have found some really good areas near “low relief”. The numbers on the M.U. chart are not exact so you have to spend some time looking around…