What are the best scuppers from experience? I have the duck bill flappers that SUCK!! Let me know brand and model!! Thanks in advance!!

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Seachoice makes some that have ping pong balls in them and they are AWESOME!!!

Try looking there and see if that helps.

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I have the ping pong ball ones on my boat. They work pretty well but they will let some water in if there is any debris in them.

I’ve never seen a mechanical scupper device that really works well, to both let water out and keep water out of a boat. What keeps water out of the boat is the scuppers being above the waterline. Then just an open hole is a good enough scupper. There are many devices on the market, most will result in wet feet, in my experience.

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Hit a sandbar a while back and put it in reverse real hard, before I knew it I had half a foot of water in the stern of the boat

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ask stonoman. try a plug on the outside of where they drain when using the boat if possible.


Nerd balls.

You should carry a nerd football to plug a hole if in need.

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Nerf balls are the best.Hard to find?? went to Seels marine and found a plug.Screwed new plug to the one already on the boat.Had to silicone around it.New plug works great.Just remember to remove it so rain can flow out the scupper. Nancy at Seels will help you with the problem.She helped Me.