Sea-Tow vs Boat TowUS

I know there is info on the website about this discussion, but the search option doesn’t seem to be working.

My Sea-Tow membership is coming up in the spring. Does anyone have any preferences for one company over the other. Pricewise, BoatTowUS is about $25 cheaper.

I am primarily a Lake Murray boater, but do get to the coast about 6-8 times a year.

Any input would be appreciated.

I’ve been a SeaTow member for probably the last ten years. I’ve had to be towed once and that experience with Seatow was adequate. They performed the service exactly as described. However, when my membership expires in February, I plan to go with TowBoat. CaptSteve is a regular on CF and answers questions on a regular basis here. He also provides a knowledge that not many other people here possess. With the new tower, you can talk to TowBoat on shore from 60 miles offshore. That is a huge plus in my book. It’s a very good feeling that I can be trolling at the ledge and give Steve a call to tell my wife that I’m coming in a few hours late. Not to mention the customer service that is provided is excellent, and I’m not even a member yet. CaptSteve has gone out of his way to help me or answer questions of mine when he didn’t have to on more than one occasion. That’s the reason I plan on changing my membership.

As far as my knowledge goes, which isn’t much :smiley:, they are both great towing services. Good luck with whichever you choose.

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I too have been a loyal SeaTow member for the last 4-5 years but am switching to TowBoat at the boat show this weekend…nothing against SeaTow, the one time I had to use them I was pleased with the service…but, as I have gotten to know Capt Steve and seen how active he is in the CF community I now choose to support his organization.
go to the boat show this weekend and chat with both of them…then choose one…

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The Morris Island Lighthouse web page

TowBoat came to my aid in the pouring down rain on a Sunday morning. The guy couldn’t have been friendlier or more helpful. He also arrived within 20 minutes. I’m sticking with TowBoat.

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I too am considering change for the Tower, as I have heard two way comms to Cpt Steve from the ledge (actually further than the ledge, closer to 226)

But I will say this, Seatow offered me 15 months instead of twelve when I renewed last year at the boat show. That was a bargain in my book.

Lately I have been having trouble getting SeaTow to respond to my radio checks. I dont know if it is my VHF or what but they used to answer pretty regularly but not so much lately.
Others have responded to my radio checks, so I believe VHF is ok.

Also a little slow to rise when I try to raise them on the way out at 3 am.

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If you have a Boston Whaler you can get an additional discount through Boat TowUS!

Check and see if Tow Boat is on Lake Murray again. There were several issues with them up here and had to close years ago. Sea Tow has been faithfully serving the lake for a long time now. That went into my decision to go with Sea Tow. I have used them on Murray and my experience was very good. I don’t know if Boat US is back, but they could be.

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I can’t say anything good, bad or indifferent about SeaTow as I have never used them. As for Boat US, I pulled a bonehead and ran low on 2-stroke oil one night last shrimping season. I called Boat US and within 30 minutes, a boat arrived with a gallon of oil. The Captain was very friendly and eased my fear of being doofus of the day stating that before the night was over, he would see a lot dumber things. I was impressed with the quick service and the attitude of the Captain. I’ll be renewing with Boat US.

I’m not sure, but isn’t there a difference in range? I think Sea tow used to go out further to get you and Towboat had like a 45 mile limit offshore? This may be important to the offshore people. Anybody know the current ranges of coverage?

Directly from Seatow’s website FAQ:

Sea Tow Gold Card™ - $149

Q. How far am I covered offshore?
A. Sea Tow has no distance limits. If your local Sea Tow is unable to come get you at long distances, Universal Towing Coverage applies providing reimbursement of up to $5000 per incident. Contact your local Sea Tow for more information on your specific boating area.

From Towboat US’s website:

Unlimited Gold Saltwater and Freshwater Towing – $157.00

Unlimited Towing – gets you our most popular option which provides Unlimited payment for provided towing services ( 100% from offshore or at a restricted use dock ) within ANY TowBoatUS or VESSEL ASSIST Service Area Nationwide!

A Service Area is defined as a minimum of a 25 miles offshore of the TowBoatUS or VESSEL ASSIST homeport. Many BoatUS Service Providers have extended service areas of up to and beyond 50 and even 100 miles offshore!

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the pix of a local tow companies boat that crashed into a dock is not good advertising.Does not send the right message, IMO

Thanks 23. Any idea what the service area size is for Charleston?

Just checked website- 100 miles -to answer my own question

I too, was a member of SeaTow and switched last year. Cpt. Steve is all about customer service and there is no doubt that if things go wrong offshore, this is the guy I want coming! Keep up the good work TowBoat.

You can’t go wrong with either one.
I’ve had memberships with both and have been towed by both.
Both were very courteous and professional.

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Happy boatin’ y’all!!