seacock replacement question

I posted in boats/motors but maybe more people look here.
do you know anyone that will replace this valve or entire seacock? it is stuck open as i just bought the boat and they must of never moved it. also want the small bilge area re-painted do to cracked paint in there and i just want it looking good. i looked at sponsors but don’t see anybody.

Have you tried Charleston Marine or Liberty? I’m sure they are both swamped right now, but might as well get in line.

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I had the same boat for 15 years, and the same problem more than once. That gate valve handle couldn’t be in a worse spot to get too, I feel your pain.

Before replacing it try this. Get some salt terminator and put some in a spray bottle. Go under the boat and spray it full strength up into the scoop strainer. Do this several times over a few days. It’s easier if you take the scoop strainer off, its 3 brass screws holding it on. When you put them back in dab some 5200 in the holes before reinserting.

Then get some penetrating oil like PB Blaster or the like and spray up in there as well. Take the hose off the seacock and spray the PB downward into the top of the valve. I have had some luck stuffing a small rag under the scoop strainer to hold the oil for a longer time in place, especially when oiled from above. You will need a flexible straw or you could just spray the oil into a small plastic cup and reach under there and pour it down.

Now here is the tricky part, you already know where the handle is and that you have to be on your belly with your head in the access port to get to it. In that position you can’t get a good pull on the handle can you? I know, like I said I’ve been there.

Get yourself a small breaker bar, something like a really short piece of conduit to gain a little “purchase” under there. I used chainsaw sparkplug wrench (T shaped) and put the handle of the seacock where sparkplug would go but you can use whatever you have to gain a bit of leverage.

Once you get something over the seacock handle a bit more substantial just gently rock the handle back and forth. Its not going to give at first, rock it some more and spray some more PB. I don’t think you can pry it hard enough to hurt the boat simply because (as you well know by now) you cant get to it to pull very hard even with a small breaker bar, but use common sense when applying the rocking pressure.

It will work, give it time. You just have to be smarter and a bit more stubborn than so

Thanks EF
your right, it’s in a touch spot. i’ll try what you said though.

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EF good advice.
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