Sealed sunglasses

Does anyone make polarized fishing sunglasses with the foam insert to seal your eyes from the wind? Very similar to the ones Harley riders use to block the wind.
What about taking the glass from a pair of Costas and putting them in a different frame?

Does anyone else have problems with wind burned eyes?

My eye doctor prescribed goggles for my dry eyes. Found some on the Hull Truth and they really work. Plus they were cheap!!

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Might want to check out Wiley x. I know they have glasses with foam clip in’s.

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I ride with a pair of Wiley X glasses.

I have a pair of Wiley X’s that have foam around the inside of the frame. I find them too hot to wear in the summer.

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have a look at Sea Specs. They aren’t completely sealed, but do a really nice job of cutting the wind. Not real fashionable though

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