Search Engine for Critical Thinkers

If you searching for (see what I did) an alternative that doesn’t hide or bury a topic you’re interested to research

This one makes me laugh, it’s funny cause it’s true. Wait, it ain’t funny at all :crazy_face:

We’ve been being watched and manipulated for a long time. Face book admitted a couple years ago they could persuade the mood of America with only a few well placed posts. Look to the content of the Main Stream Media across this country. You’d think there would be some difference from state to state. Nope all the same manipulative narrative. You were able to search Google and find all kinds of stuff about Obuma’s Black Panther involvement and many pics of him smoking dope with his “chumba” gang. Can’t find that stuff anymore along with much other things.

I really believe Obuma gave out the free phones to track and monitor people. All one has to do is talk a few times about a certain subject around a phone and then it pops up on your Browser. No question someone’s listening in.