Seasons Changing

February 26. A bit bouncier ride, particularly on the way back, than the last few trips. One of those few days, choppy kind of days where the catamaran is faster than my old single hull. Fished in 90 to 110 feet of water, temperature 65 in the North Hole area.

Lots of surface activity and bird activity on the ride out and around the live bottom areas.

First pelagic of the year for us and the first time catching an Atlantic Bonito that deep. Also, the earliest in the year catching one. Caught on a squid pattern jig using a slow pitch rod. Next trip out this will be the target. Bonito may be the tastiest fish swimming in the sea. The sashimi last night was fantastic.

Also caught a small grouper on the slow pitch rod.

Before anyone asks, the grouper was released to the ocean not to the cooler.

Caught plenty of the usual suspects including some decent BSB’s, triggers and B-liners.

Not as fast action as the last few trips, seemed like more small fish. We had a guest, a good fisherman, on the boat who was unfamiliar with circle hooks. It took him a while to figure out how the set the hook. Experienced fishermen struggle the most with circle hooks, I think.

Seasons seem to be changing, may be time to try nearer shore for bonito, spanish and blue fish or move farther out for bottom fishing. Wednesday seems possible, will keep an eye on the weather.


Thanks again Captain!

Keep the reports coming.

Good report!

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I’ll bet a soda Mr. Coosaw is in the big blue right now…

Any takers?

You know the deal, us workin’ folk always have to work on those calm days…except the Houston’s, Dance’s, Martin’s, and them Parker’s! They always seem to turn their jobs into good time fishing shows

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Not 100% certain you would have won the soda. We only went out to green water, not to the big blue.

Wasn’t great, caught a few but little bird activity or anything else. Water was 64 degrees nearshore which ordinarily would bring in bluefish and bonito but not yesterday.

Will try again soon, weather and work permitting.

Worth it :sweat_smile: