Shad 2022 - YS

Sometimes you just have to leave the house and get outdoors to cure that itch we all have ever since our Dad or Mom placed a rod or pole in our hands. My oldest youngen just got back from her church trip to go hit the ski lodge and I told her we had plans to go try our luck at Shad today and wanted to know if she was in…well she said hold my Dew!!! We didn’t hammer them nor did anyone else but at least they were there and she had fun once on! I believe that bought me about 6 more days before she will be telling me she can hear fish calling out her name. Youngen Style!!!

"If you can't fix a woman, chase some tail with fins and fur!!!"

2008 Sea Pro 1900cc w/115

(2) Daughters that make the boys cry

(1) wife that makes her husband take the kids outdoors to chase their dreams!