Shad 2024 [Alosa sapidissima]

My people are telling me bucks are showing up. Mmm Mmm who doesn’t love bucknuts.

2024 Shad Reports…Go.

Who are these people?

TugTed is a likely suspect


PeaPod is a dirty deleter

TugTed is keeping America supplied with fuel oil, grains and durable goods. I don’t think he has time for shad fishing.

being the sweetest alosid is a dubious distinction

just sayin’

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WStrickland, you don’t post for 2 years and you lead with that.

did you see where I included the latin name and babawang didn’t correct me? that means I’m right.

I’m gonna disclose the triple secret twin-dropper shartroose rig and the clandestine arrowhead bank spot as soon as I get some pictures.

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I haven’t been yet cause I am keeping America moving but I will be soon.

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All I did was call you a dirty deleter. I come here after 2 years and the first thing I see is that you deleted a post. Some welcome back I say.

I done tole em and thanks Tugted

45x45 PeaPod
January 8

it’s [7 am](calendar:T1:7 am), are you getting an attitude already?

I’ve got intel from my boots on the ground that they are picking at them*. They aren’t covered up yet*. The bite isn’t epic yet, but it’s coming.

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And, what does one do with such a fish?

Squeeze the eggs out and release!!

I was gonna suggest crab bait. Spottail and black drum like big chunks as well. Bait basically ha

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So, you eat the roe?


Been-yah’s fry sets in bacon grease, excellent with grits, yellow grits

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Good to see Bolbie back.

DF, the meat’s delicious. easy to filet too. try a few and get back to me.

I made that last one up. my cat won’t eat em

And you wonder why I have trust issues.

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Dang lily livered Yankees don’t know what they’re missing.I’m ready to fry some buck nuts!

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