Shad report

Before it got nasty out.

Got skunked at Arrowhead but I gave up after about two hrs without a bite because it got cold and windy with white caps. Talked to about a dozen people (every person there) and reports are not good yet. Some people they said they’ve heard of a few being caught but the run hasn’t started yet. Thanks to the people at Arrowhead campground for helping me out with a life jacket since I forgot mine because I cleaned out the boat Friday afternoon. I was watch the fish finder for signs of life and I saw very little except for up by the bridge I marked some bait and had a few Arch’s come by under the boat. The water temp was 53 degrees up there. The water was the highest I’ve seen it and the current was fast with dirty water, lots of debris in the water like little pieces of plants and leafs and grass. Id catch stuff on the line on a lot of cast. The landing didn’t have much people there at 11 am. When I went over the bridge by the tailrace that parking lot was packed. It’s still pretty early in the year so plenty of time to get at them but I won’t go back till the third week or February, kind of a wasted trip this time. I couldn’t even salvage the day with some cat fishing because I took my weights out my catfish tackle bag and didn’t have my bait tackle bag with me. So basically I failed myself on many levels, tackle, safety gear,
and got skunked.

Good job 40,at least you got out there. I appreciate the report.That crew at arrowhead is some good ole Tennessee folk. I always stop by to chew the fat and maybe get a jar of honey.

Wilson Landing went from 2.5 ft up to 21 ft from noon Saturday to midnight Saturday night. With the gates open so much and rising almost 20 ft so quickly it’s hard to imagine how much trash got moved downriver.

I almost went to Wilson s but I figured the current and water would of been worse there. I guess I saved myself some driving.

Went Saturday to the rediversion to start. Fished for 2hrs & nothing. Fella on the bank got 2 in 4hrs. We left & went to the tailrace & a bass tourney was going on but only 3 boats by the dam. Fellas in the boat in front got 3 & that was it. We fished for 2hrs & whiffed. The sites at the landing with the bass boats at 3:15 were impressive.

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