Wow in years past, you could always count on someone starting this thread. It always provided some sort of excitement during the slow winter months thinking of catching a fish or just getting out and enjoying the outdoors. I doubt this site will ever be what it once was, but I still check in when I get a chance. Unfortunately instead of going to a section I scroll the page for recent activity, that usually is most times found in the politics section. I tend to avoid the politics section because I do not need any other areas to increase my blood pressure. i come to this site for comradery and sharing stories of hunting and fishing with other outdoorsmen. Such are the days that are gone I reckon…

Anyone tried the shad fishing yet? I’ve got to dust off the boat. It has been over a month.

I know some have been caught already pretty good

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I got to throw this out there… so what is the best way to cook shad row? I’ve tried them many different ways and … nope. I’ve given many Bucks to my neighbor that calls them a Saturday morning fish… takes all morning to pick through the bones. Shad row as opposed to Dolphin row… still not a fan. Carry on you row eating dudes and ladies. One thing for sure, they do make good crab bait. :smiley:

Haha, I use the shad strictly as bait…if I catch a roe shad. I’ll gladly give the roe to whomever wants it.

Let us know how you do. I was hoping to start going mid Feb.

Any more reports? This warmer weather this week has me itching to go.

I've given many Bucks to my neighbor that calls them a Saturday morning fish.... takes all morning to pick through the bones.

As a Kid, my Mother would cook shad every spring. It is a rich oily fish if you can get past the bones. She had a remedy for that, season and layer with lemon slices and onions then wrap the whole fish in aluminum foil. Place the fish in a 250 degree oven for several hours. This process dissolves the smaller bones and softens up the backbone so you can easily remove it or eat it like canned salmon.

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