Shame at the oyster recycling center

What the eff’n hell is wrong with people?!?

It’s crap that this is the reason we can’t have good things. Signs clearly say no dumping in bags or containers. The Mt. Pleasant oyster recycling center on Sweetgrass Blvd has it all…oyster bags, plastic tubs, beer cans and beer bottles. Plastic plates. I hope no one from would do anything like this.

There is zero excuse for the bags and containers. Random beer can…I can understand that…but still - you should clean your trash!!!

“I am constantly amazed at the stupidity of the general public.”
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What a mess, Stan. thanks for shareing with the pictures! People seem not to care about anything these days.

Some people are just jerks, plain and simple. These are the same people that litter, empty their car ashtrays at stoplights and let their dogs crap wherever they want and don’t pick it up.

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”, but really, who cares?

There should be a garbage can there. Many will be bringing shells in bags. It would solve the issue if there was a place to put the trash

Looks like 3 brown garbage containers behind the sign

Agree. Disappointing. Some people…

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Probably some restaurant did it…that looks like quite a few bags of shells. More than a family oyster roast.
I’ll bet the same folks who did it brag about how throwing their cans out the car window is recycling…they figure someone will pick them up.

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Dfreedom hit the nail on the head. It’s simply lazy and disrespectful, unfortunately it’s what America is transitioning to. I dropped shells at Sol legare yesterday fortunately only one bag present and very little trash I was pleasantly surprised.

Pathetic Behavior!

That type POS are everywhere , no respect for nothing , just watch as you drive along our highways…PATHETIC !!!

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Why can’t they trace the bags with the labels back to place of origin and find out who purchased them?

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