Shark Season is a wrap 2023 - Youngen Style Charters

Took another young man out to play with a big rod, big baits, and big expectations! The only hiccup today was the one big blacktip my

youngen hooked up to cut the line since we treated it like a hammerhead because it was still too early for the blacktips to show up in this hole. But they managed several fun size sharks and then the prehistoric rays showed up. They doubled up on what i believed to be a 90 lb. and a 50 lb. Ray simultaneously which both went the opposite directions for over an hour on one and an hour and a half on the other. This was the first ray i have ever been concerned with removing from the water so leaders cut and set free. Pics do no justice. The 2 that I boated for my youngen was 38.9 lbs. and 77.6 lbs. Holy doormats! I usually don’t count rays but we counted the 5 bigguns that were landed today!
Youngen Style Charters!!!


Im sure that made for some sore arms… totally worth it though! Thanks for the story yall!

Since the ‘season’ is over, I guess that means you’re in the woods on the weekends from next weekend on… I love this time of year, finally the ramps will be less crowded haha :smile:

That’s a fantastic day!! I’ve tried a couple of the smaller rays and didn’t care for them. I’ve heard the larger ones aren’t too bad and served in some top end restaurants. And NO, not as scallops. The myth of that is just that. Taste or texture does not resemble scallops.

I’d love to have a few people have the ability to see a hammerhead up close. One strange creature!

Me and my brothers fought one for 2 hours in the Broadriver, broke off right when we got it to the boat. Always wondered how much it weighed.

awesome story and great pics! what a huge ray. I can’t imagine how exhausting it was to work on a fish for an hour in this heat! GOOD JOB ya’ll!

I got a feeling it’s not a wrap.

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It is for 2023 atleast. We didn’t go after ray day last year ain’t going again sadly. We’ll be in the woods now. Started big ended off even bigger thats about all i could ask for. Kind sad about these classes i got

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Ya’ll make a heck of a team, I sure have enjoyed the pictures and reports.

My guess is most Dads and Daughters are envious of your relationship.

You both should be proud, rightly so.

Cant wait for the woods pictures


Videos are SUPER, keep them coming.

A lady captain, and a father daughter affair, doesn’t get any better than that TOTALLY!:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Enjoy that education while it lasts! We all know it can be a pain in the rear, but you will use a lot of it later on in life. Follow your dad’s footsteps and stay out of trouble. Life is much easier for those that do the right thing as much as you can.