Shark Season

As the season is about to start again, lets remember not to be dumbasses and leave trash on the beach. Throw your bait in the water when you are done or in the trash. Don’t kayak baits out on crowded beaches near people swimming, as that is not a good look for the sport. And for the love of God don’t do stupid **** that can get the sport banned. Florida had a meeting today to discuss a statewide ban, lets not let it get to that.

Never have understood why anyone would purposely fish for shark on a crowded beach.

The seasons started. As for bait if you dump it in the surf the tide will leave it on the beach. Not a good look at all. Make sure to get it out a good 50ft or so. I hope for a good season for me and everyone else. Ive made 2 trips, had multiple runs, zero landed.

Went easter weekend, was a little cold. Ill be back down mid may to hit a couple spots that i want to try. just gotta get some bait first lol

Question for you shark hunters. I’ve never caught one with anything other than cut bait, squid, or shrimp. I wonder how a chunk of road kill would work? Plenty of that to be found. Serious. Not Trolling. How about a piece of possom or squirrel? would it need to be skinned, fresh or rancid?

Some guy on the beach yesterday swore by old chicken. Fresh has worked beat for me.