sheepshead reel and rod advice

What would y’all recommend for sheepshead as in reel size and what action rod. Would a battle 3000 combo work?

I use a Penn 5000 size reel with a medium/heavy 8-17 rod. Caught them for years on that combo. Mosquito hooks 1/0 and fiddlers.

the 3000 would die quick…5000 would be better all around. i use 20lb mono on my battle 4000 with med.heavy uglystick. personal im tired of taking these penn battles to the shop for repairs. i know i catch big fish on these reels but come on. i will not get another battle. whats the top 3 reels to have anyways?

Ugly stick med/heavy with a bait casting reel for vertical fishing.

My Daddy always swore by a good stout cane pole, no reel, just a cane pole :smiley:

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I like using a fiberglass telescoping crappie pole w/ 20lb fluorocarbon couple big splitshot and 1/0 owner ssw. Also a penn 4500 ssg on a medium/heavy 6’6 inshore extreme rod 20lb mono 1 oz egg weight w/ 20lb fluorocarbon leader and same hook as mentioned.

back when there was a commercial inshore fishery they used stout cane poles