She's been trying for ten years....ten years!

Remi finally got one. After a long arduous journey, doggie prayers were finally answered today.

She didn’t know quite what to do when she got it, but she sure was proud. Brought it to the front steps and laid it there for me.

Great report!

I told my wife you can dress her up all you want, but that girls still a hunter inside!


Looks like she brought her prize to Mama and Daddy.
My cat chased the squirrels his whole life and never caught one.
The Squirrels around my house are pretty tame. I go out and whistle they come running.Hand feed them peanuts

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Remi wants to know when Daddy’s gonna dress that squirrel out and fix her up some squirrel n’ dumplins!

PS My dogs are jealous!

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that’s awesome. my dogs chase them constantly and NEVER got one. LOL
good stuff…

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Awesome, let me know when you are ready to rent her out. We have a small herd or squirrels in our yard.

Very impressive! Watson and Jovie never get close :slight_smile: