She's Hooked Now! 🎣

Did some ICW fishing recently and started out early in the morning on my own. Then the ladies joined me and we had a blast! Caught 8 different species on the day using Z-Man/Eye Strike combos, DOA shrimp under a cork and mud minnows. On top of that, the little one caught her new PB redfish at 21". Needless to say, she now wants to go every weekend! We couldn’t be happier about that.

I have some pics and a video link attached if you are interested. Tight lines everyone!



If she’s like my daughter, she is “hooked”!

Thanks so much for you taking us with you on your adventures!!

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You are totally screwed! And with that my friend, WELCOME TO THE GIRLS FISH AND BOYS WISH CLUB!!!
Congratulations for now becoming an honorary member of you bait it and she displays it where that one event created the whole fushing with dad an every weekend routine


Thanks Nutz, she sure does love it now. And it makes us happy to have another younger angler in the process!

:joy::joy::joy: I’ll take it! Love seeing her eyes light up when the line goes tight. Also, to your point, I’m lucky enough to be able to fish once in a while during the week while she’s at school!

Love it! That’s a beautiful fish! Bravo!

I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to get out there. Hopefully next summer! She’s definitely jealous when big brother gets to go. I think she’ll be ready :grin:

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Now thats what its all about! Fun times! Thanks for sharing

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Thats awesome brother!

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Thanks Stump! It was a blast.

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I’m sure she will love it if her brother already does!

Thanks, Dave. She wants to go all the time now!

That’s the way to do it (Family) and your fishing ventures would not be questioned

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