I plan on going out for the first time this year. Curious on what yall make your poles out of?

In my opinion its best to buy some used fiberglass poles. I know people that have made them out of PVC, but the fiberglass ones are more durable and don’t break off when they get stuck in the pluff

Fiberglass all the way, but PVC will work with creeks and slow currents.

I’d add a small float/bouy tied to the top and relfective tape around the bouy. The fiberglass are about 20 a pole or 150 to 200 a set and loosing one is common.

this will be my first time going this year also. I haven’t been since I was probably 14yrs old. I’ve always seen people using pvc while I was out fishing. I never even knew losing a pole was a thing. really glad I read that tip about tying a float to the pole, i’d hate to lose a tag. Thanks 40inchreds!

I have a brand new set for sale that has never been used for $150.

16’ fiberglass, white

Posted on swap shop as well.


I have been shrimping for the past 14 years with the same set of pvc poles. I have only lost one pole in all that time and it was due to being lazy on the last stick. I have a point that I glued in to the end of the poles to make them easier to stick. Unfortunately, I don’t think the guy who made the plastic points is still in business. I am not knocking the fiberglass poles as they are great, but if you are just getting started and are not sure you want to sink too much money into this hobby yet, pvc poles will work just fine. I have never found myself in a situation where I was unable to shrimp due to having pvc poles.


I use 10’3/4 pvc over 10’1/2 emt slideing the two to 15’ then use a couple of rivits to pin them together. use a hammer to flatten the end of the emt. have a set over 10 years old

Thanks all for the replies! Any good suggestions in the McClellanville / Bulls Bay area?

Bulls Bay, just go where all the other boats are and set up your poles. Muddy Bay, near McClellanville can be pretty good and a bit more protected on a windy day, just smaller shrimp than Bulls Bay. Cowpen Point out near the light house has been good in the past, though the shrimp have been smaller in the last couple of years, but a beautiful place to spend a day.

When shrimp baiting first started around here,we just cut bamboo poles out of the woods.They worked fine.

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When shrimp baiting first started around here,we just cut bamboo poles out of the woods.They worked fine.

Showing your age now…lol… I shrimped with them for years…

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