Shrimp tags 2022

Anyone got there’s yet for this year?

Not yet …I’ve got my bathing license the last 2 years and never went the first time. Maybe the third time will be a charm.


No. Was just thinking the other day that they should be getting here

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Still haven’t received mine yet.

Got mine today, they sent two copies so 20 poles for me.

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Got mine today. Finally I was getting nervous

got mine yesterday. I haven’t gone in 8 yrs, now I have to decide if I search for fish meal and clay or try Bait Binder for the first time.


Received mine last Thursday, 9/1/2022. Already on the poles and ready to go.

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I got mine about 5 days ago and they sent me 2 sets of tags also. What’s up with that. Hope the season is better than it’s been in years past.

Got mine today…

Ordered my tags online 3 weeks ago. Still waiting. Called SCDNR today, was on hold for one hour. Finally gave up.

I took about 2 weeks to get ours.
You still down on the North end?

Baitbinder is easy and works great. I haven’t shrimped in a few years, but thinking seriously about hitting it hard this year. Shrimp prices are just stupid…kinda like everything else. Must be an administration thing. Sorry all you Biden buddies. Is what it is! If you don’t agree then you must enjoy paying double for gas.

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Yeah Craig, still in Little River. Took a break from this site when it got so ■■■■ political/ugly. You been catching much these days??

I don’t think I’ve been on the water 10 times this year. We’re going in the morning .
I’m going to take a couple bait balls with us and see if anything is moving around dunn sound.

Did you get your tags yet??

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Not yet…
I did finally talk to someone in Columbia, and she said she would send out duplicate tags right away.
Did you try Dunn Sound? I tried Dunn Creek once. Nothing but small shrimp and large holes in my net!!

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I forgot to take bait balls with me.
But we stopped at the first Little Creek on the left going into the sound.
Made 1 throw and got about 30 shrimp. Not really any size to them though. It looked like a popcorn machine with all the little tiny 1 popping through the net.

I finally got my tags today. May head down to BB, but sounds pretty dead right now.

I had plans on a 4-day weekend. Was going to go to Georgia to my grandson School and have donuts with him Thursday morning. Head back to the beach and shrimp and fish the rest of the week. Mother nature sure to a monkey wrench in that deal.

Tell me about it. We were planning to fish the US Open this weekend. Oh well.