I went out prospecting and found small shrimp everywhere in a few creeks. Some creeks had none. Didn’t wet a line. Windy Windy!

How big is a ‘small’ shrimp? Big enough to use for bait?

2014 Key West 203DFS
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Unfortunately not. Subaki rig sized.

“Junk always sounds best.”

I went out on Sunday 5/4 and threw a net in very deep holes. Caught plenty of shrimp for bait. Used a “taped” net. The shrimp were larger than the “medium” sized shrimp that I bought at Mt. Pleasant Seafood as a backup.

OldRedMan, I am used to catching shrimp on mud flats at low tide when it’s warmer. Didn’t see any lately. I’m not asking for any specific locations, but how deep are we talking? Are we talking deep holes in the creeks or mostly open areas? I appreciate your help.