Sightfishing Redfish | Topwater Trout


Started out sightfishing for redfish in 6 inches of water, then switched to topwater for trout. I am using the new GoPro Hero 9 with the new Hindsight feature. I am always recording when the camera is turned on. As soon as I say, “GoPro start recording” it goes back 30 seconds and starts the recording from there. I never miss a fish now. As for battery drain, I went through 4 batteries while fishing for 6 hours.

Gonna have to go up on the mAh’s on the stock batteries… Nice fish too btw.

Fishing Nerd

“No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool… nothing else.”

…well, some fishing too!

Great video. Looks like a great day. I love to see those shallow water fish.

Digging the cameras. I have three GoPros and just don’t want to deal with editing the footage lol. I can’t believe you pick the fish up using the NRX rod like that, I would be terrified it would snap. But that area has always produced decent numbers. There are some sizable reds there as well. Still have a broken heart over a LARGE red that stole my bone white Badonkadonk from me. Thanks for the entertaining video

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Thanks for watching! Those NRX rods are strong and have a lifetime warranty. I had to change one or two out over the years as a result of stupid mistakes. Never broke one fighting a fish. I broke one in my old garage and the cork handle got old on another. NRX used to come with a “wild card” that you could use to change them out at any dealer on the spot. I am not sure if they still do that or not. I’ve had mine since 2012.

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