Since we are weeding out hecklers and trolls

Maybe pushing the envelope of what gets censored and hidden away. Have y’all heard about our homeless vets being forced out of hotels in N.Y. to make room for illegal aliens?! While this could be smeared as political, I don’t see it so much. I see a true AMERICAN travisty on treatment for those that served this great Nation. I’ve searched avenues to help like a go fund me, but I don’t have names and even if so would not be certain money would go to right place. Why do we as a Nation choose Illegal immigrants over homeless veterans? It breaks my heart that a person in our country illegally gets better treatment than those that served to protect our Home and Freedom.

Moderators, it posts start pushing too political just remove those. The more that see this maybe someone can come up with a solution. Maybe more kids should get involved and think outside the box.

If something has a political twinge but doesn’t get overly hateful and end up with adult themed meme’s no kid should see, why censor and hide it away?

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All 20 of the displaced ex-military members have been moved to a separate hotel in Hudson Valley, but Toney-Finch said the ordeal has been heartbreaking for the struggling veterans.

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Did you know the rule of thumb for housing homeless vets is 2 weeks?

A full month if they get approvial for whats called Extended Stay.

Then its off to a new place.

Theres a ton of moving parts on this one, but in a nutshell many cases involve guys that arent suitable for traditional housing, whether due to drugs, psychosis, mental issues, and so on.

Its a sad path many mentally ill or addicted vet must follow. The miagrants, when examined closer, are the least of the vets problems.

just my 2 cents

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Mind too

Thank you veterans

That was a nice thing that vetran did for that young homeless migrant boy with no parents

God bless him

I can find no information where these vets were taken other than to the streets. It breaks my heart that not only an American citizen but one that served this nation is being treated so poorly over an illegal immigrant that should not be here in the first place.

Wonder why we can put up a restricted and confined “tent” city to hold all the illegals until they can be processed and properly vetted?

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On a positive note, it sure is peaceful around here lately!!!

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The link I posted above tells you what happened to the vets who were displaced.

You just have to read past the first few paragraphs of media clickbait to get to it.

Apparently Hudson Valley hooked them up.

Authoritarians dislike and fear veterans because of the Athens, Tennessee uprising

and the same goes for 2a

I hate modern links like this. Yea if you can get past all the nonsense you see that many had two weeks left and were forced out because the hotel only got $88 for the Vets, but get $200.00 for an illegal. I glad they had somewhere to go after being displaced by illegals.

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If you hate those links above fred, whatever you do, dont click on this one.

And for the love of Hunter, dont show this to Bayrider or Easy.

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BUTTTT not so easy to keep Easy away(ha ha)…

If this is true then Fantastic. I can’t stand a lie. Getting harder and harder to find the truth. f I just did a long search and it does seem some were actually displaced and also this Toney finch vet seems to have pushed a false narrative on the numbers. ?

Either way Why the heck are all working Americans being forced to pay for room and board for Illegal Aliens? See how easy it is to get sidelined on a political focus. It’s a shame I can’t say what I really want, do to censorship on CFC.

Dang Glad Ricky had the stones to help this place along.

Anytime anything seems too good to be true

Or too bad to be humanely plausible

Or too far off the spectrum in either direction

…Well, its probably clickbait anymore.

See, by its very design clickbait is used to be the smoke and mirrors in the magic show we now call the liberal main street media.

and never play 3 card monty with a guy named Cornbread if you are ever in Queens.

Thats all I got

Recalling the past

Oh crap!!! That’s just how I picture many folk. And the old boy is right. It is very easy to make a complete stranger furious. Thanks for that Bay. That’s the whole reason to keep Trolls away from CFC. Again, I am so happy Ricky did what was right.

Other than some food and nature pics that might be your best post yet. Word to your Mother.

Seems like they’re ungrateful

Not a shocker, Bay. Speculation is rampant with me, but what is the Real reason for this INVASION of illegal immigrants? Voter base? a means to crash our society and make it easier for a socialist country? Are we setting a scenario for a terrorist cell to do another 911? No matter the reason this will only get worse unless we push these unvetted illegal aliens out of our country and secure our border.