What’s going on with Charleston Fishing? For the past few days, anytime I click on my bookmark to view this forum or MSC’s I get sent to the index page and have to click another link to get to the forums. What’s the reason for this? Are others having the same experience?

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I haven’t had any issues from my pc.

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Same happened to me i had to re bookmark it

Yes, it’s been the same with me as well. I also seem to have to re-log in a lot more often, it’s not remembering my sign in credentials.

I’m having trouble viewing pics posted on here.

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Man it’s been a nightmare for me. I haven’t been able to log on until now, and had to get the help of the admin to do that. Hopefully it will start to come back around. That kind of makes me wonder if thats what has caused the last of posts lately…

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Re-bookmarking did the trick on my Kindle Fire. I guess I will do the same on my IPhone. Thanks for the info KO.

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