Skunked on inside of crab bank

Went out last night with plans to hit up the crab bank section nearest to Sullivan’s because i’ve heard that people have been getting them there. It was a bit rough so I stayed close to crab bank on the inside to get some shelter from the wind/waves. There was nothing…
So where are people getting them this year. JI is bad this year, mixed results at the crab bank, haven’t heard anything good about the Wando or near the aircraft carrier… People seem to be doing ok at Bulls bay, is that it?

heard good way north and way south, I will wait for better harbor reports before I take the time to throw out bait balls

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no shrimp in bulls bay

Was on the outside of Crab Bank last night. Pulled the poles and was home around 9:30. 80% of the shrimp were large and the rest were mediums. Had a great time and was pancaking an 8’ net all night except for one ugly taco/hot dog looking mess. Had always thrown a 7’ net before with average success. Loved the 8 footer. Surprisingly, that ugly taco/hot dog looking mess did not get a single skrimp.

Has anyone heard anything good from North BB? or Romain

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no shrimp in bulls bay

ronfishing, thanks for taking the time to post!