Slamming for the Thanksgiving

I’m Back after about a 5 month drought and no this is not Cam Newton. Finally got out these past couple weekend and found Reds up and down Bushy Park/ Cooper River. Slammed both weekend and topped it off this weekend with a Largemouth Bass. What a surprise to see that thick of a Bass

Caught over 40+ fish at least and many trouts were small but managed 6-17" and a 19" Reds ranged from 23" to 13" only kept a few trout but that Bigboy swam away and too dropped a large trout at the boat trying to get my net but it put up a heck of a fight. Big trouts were caught the last couple hours of the falling tide and around 6 am or so. Put in at 5am due to how low Bushy get and froze until the sun got Hi But enjoyed the catch

Nice report! My brother in law and his Dad did their yearly fish in Beaufort and did pretty good as well. Said the wind was pretty bad, but the bite was strong. No Flounder for them but they did get a couple of Sheep under a cork on shrimp over an oyster bed, along with spot tail and Trout.

I never get tired of seeing your reports! Great day as usual!

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The King is back!! Thanksgiving was good to me too this year, although, I am a little jealous of the slam as I have been so close to my own this winter twice in the last 3 trips. This whole last weekend was windy and cold, but I’m glad you got out there too! It’s about time to fish those back creeks now… you know what I mean:sunglasses: Hope to see you out there:+1:

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