Slaughter House question

Anyone know of a local source to process a Steer? My go to in Varnville has retired do to health issues, i heard Winningham quit doing cows, and Cordray’s won’t take a cow until January.

Did you try Rishers, or Cravens on Nunnaville Rd.
There’s also a procceser in Grover.
Or Marvin’s in Hollywood (if they are still there)

Double D.

Thanks Double D, but they only due deer processing and I found Marvin’s on line, but unfortunately they said he retired after 50 years. Dang Government put so many regulations on anyone slaughtering a cow, it put most out of business. We’ll do hogs and such, but a cow is just more than I want to tackle. And I want it aged a minimum of 14 days.

Man that was always a big event every fall when I was a kid. We would kill 3 or 4 cows and 3 or 4 hogs. A bunch of chickens and rabbits also. All my uncles and their families would show up. My Uncle Richard was a butcher by trade. I was always the one that got stuck cranking the meat grinder. I still have it and use it to grind up charm/Manhattan. That was always such a good time. Mom would clear out the freezers. her and my aunt’s would cook us up a feast. A 3-day event. Me and my cousins would get to lay out of school on Friday.
I can still see very clearly in my mind the big roll of white butcher paper clamp to the end of the kitchen table. My mom pulling it out across the table and wrapping up meat. Dang where did the time go. My parents and all but one aunt and uncle are long gone.
I’m glad you posted that Fred. I know I ain’t answering your question. but man that sure brings back some great memories … My dad always called Uncle Richard 2 wot. Said he was about as bright as a 2 wot light bulb. He took his own life in the late 80s. 2 and a half tours Vietnam helicopter pilot. Uncle Alvin killed in a salt mine. I hear the song Big John I think of him. Uncle Alvin was trying to push a big old hog out of the pen. I zapped him in the ass with a cattle prod. He like to have throw a 250 lb hog through the wall. If he got his hands on me I probably wouldn’t be here today. Uncle Craig who I’m named after killed in a motorcycle accident. My uncle Reggie killed in a farming accident. My dad and all my uncles all went 6’⁷" and around 300 lb none of them fat. Don’t know what the heck happened to me. Guess I take after my mom. 5’⁸" 160 lb. Okay maybe 175 lb now.

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

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Cordray’s can do it, but you got to get to the back of the line Fred!

Posting for a friend…

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You can tell your friend, that’s a nice looking freezer! My problem I’ve got three in the feed lot and I don’t want to wait till January for Cordray’s. Might have to put em back in the pasture for a bit longer.

ask your friend what % fat in his burger. I like mine at 90%. Is he happy with Cordray’s and how long did they hang it for him ? I called them yesterday and I can deal with the slaughter price and processing. I guess a few more months won’t hurt…

I can’t show a pretty freezer like his, but I do have some eggs. This is two days worth. The old girls have been consistent Year round for the last 2.

Dang it man! that was a barn full of meat!! I couldn’t imagine doing 3 cows at a time! The 3 hogs and chickens would be

To this day I’ very seldom eat chicken…
Someone that has never dipped and plucked a chicken can’t imagine that smell.

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

Yes Sir, you are right. To this day I won’t pluck a chicken or duck. All the yard birds I do (when the wife is away) for a perlo are skinned. These are true yard birds that have never seen the inside of a pen. I told my son he could only shot them in the head because I didn’t want to ruin the meat, He said “no Problem”. You ever watch a chicken’s head? That thing is constantly moving, after several misses and me blowing a head off with my ancient .410, he got smart and shot them in the base of the neck. He can drill nails with his .17. I’ll do 5-6 on a Friday night and boil them with some onion, celery, what not… and let them sit over night. Saturday morning I’ll pull the basket debone and cube up meat and put back in broth. You can not beat a perlo done with fresh yard chickens.

P.S. The secret to shooting a chicken in the head is getting directly behind it.

Burbages in Ravenel is another one.
Mac Bs,is the one in Grover. I think :thinking:
I know what you fellas mean about the chicken, growing up grandma and grandpa picked a weekend and decided to take out all the birds, seems like I plucked feathers forever.

I also remember we had a black hog,it was my job to feed him everyday, well 1 day after school I went to feed him and looked up, grandpa had him swinging, water boiling, he said get busy scraping off the hair, man what a job, the old boy had a smell to him. I never really understood why such a smell, just did what I was told, no question.
Fond memories for sure.

Double D.

I’m forwarding this entire thread to PETA…you brutes.

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You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

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Dang OTC, where was that processor at? That’s just nasty.

If one sees how chicken is processed then they will never eat it again. And the smell of a boiled hog is unforgettable. I much prefer to skin the ones I shoot