Slick ocean

Hurts to be working right now…


coworker who’s trying to go tomorrow said reports are starting to pour in now… phins are here, at least way out!

anybody see the pic of the guys out of bennett’s point that had like 10 hoos on the dock?

I got enough overtime to cover me for a trip next week if anybody wants to split fuel… unless you’re running Verados!

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Man, that is a dream sea right there.

Seems like I am picking the perfect time to head back to Montana to catch the last of winter. Two feet of snow at our house this week. As the joke goes, in Montana there are four seasons. Winter, Winter, Winter and Road Construction.

Sorry to miss the spring run offshore, hope to see some good reports posted. Looks like a few good days in the forecast to head out.

Wow! Do you know Tom Oar on Mountain Men?
Have safe travels.