Small Console for sale

I have a small boat console that I had gotten for a little boat project but I no longer have the boat it was going to be put in so now it is on here for sale. It has never been installed and has never had a hole drilled in it. It does have one small air void in the gel on one corner but that is it.

It is about 25" tall
About 22 1/4" wide (not including the flange on the bottom)
And about 15 1/2" from the front to the back (also not including the flange)

I don’t get on here to often so just shoot me an email and I will answer any questions or be happy to send you some pictures.
My email is MLBALL43@YAHOO.COM

I would like to get a $150 for it.

Here is a quick picture of the console.

This console is still available.