Small Spanish Mackerel (I think)- Demetre park

The Demetre park pier is the most frequent place I fish from since I’ve started, I’ve seen bluefish, rays, sharks, eel, a ton of croaker is what I’ve been catching, but this one is a first for me. I’m unfamiliar with mackerel so please correct me if I got the species wrong. The dorsal fin was black when pulled up, how old do you suppose it is? Only other thing I caught was 2 croaker and a very old rusty crab trap covered in barnacles, I should have brought a towel.

Yep baby smack right there.

Definitely not a skipjack

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That’s a Spanish all day long. Not a skip jack.T hat would’ve turned into candy for a king if I caught that little fella…

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Yep, definitely a small Spanish, haven’t caught one of them inshore in awhile.

Gradual dip in the lateral line = hispanic mackerel

I caught a small spanish like that in the cast net at demetre park last month. It was swimming with a school of finger mullet.

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We caught a hundred of them last week while casting for shrimp in a creek. They were all about 4" long.

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Caught a small one in the castnet yesterday as well in the Folly River.

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