Sman, she still finding your leftovers! Youngen Style

Youngen Style is back from Camp Wildwood! Had a blast, learned a lot, met some new friends, and made memories! For the record,i don’t raise quitters! She took a nasty lick at camp on her noggin’ and had to go to the ER to get checked out, and told the counselor you can call my mom and let her know but she said she’s not going home! In fact, she put on a helmet and kept playing the rest of the week bringing her team to the finals for 2nd place despite the pain! :muscle::muscle::muscle:Not even home for 24 hours and already mandating that a fishing trip take place. Looking for leftovers and found some slots and lost an overslot that broke off due to oysters, and she caught a melanistic gar (Black Gar) which i chose not to take a pic of because that one was gut hooked…apparently it’s a very rare encounter. Sman, you can beat the waters all you want, but she’ll find them leftovers and keep them pics coming!
Youngen Style


Thats a long leader.

You guys know how to have a good time, thanks again for the pics and report.

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