Smoke "em If You Got 'em

Rub a dubb dubbed these down good tonight, they’ll hit the smoker in the morning.

Getting a jump on America’s big day.

:fireworks: :boom: :firecracker: :bomb: :sparkles: :boom:


Good day to smoke cheese. Heat is not on your side…


I like to take the sludge juice from the overnight marinade and reduce it to a thick gravy consistency and apply it towards the end of the smoke, the last hour or so

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sweet cheesus, you had me at sludge juice

your high was our morning low after nighttime rain, lowest temp i’ve seen since may is 74

lotta 105-110 heat index lately, got old before it was even july

you see that cyclone is doing 165mph right now?!

Yes, impressive indeed.

I’m looking at the armachillo sun shirts now with the voo doo jade stuff

Gosh they are proud of them

I got a couple TEMU ones on the way for about $10 a shirt, we’ll see.

I’m going to visit kin in Tennessee over America’s 148th birthday. It’s supposed to be 100+ in the midstate,I might die.

At least they all like my bbq

Ding…Cheese is done

I like putting the cheese in with the meat because 50+ pounds of hog will slow and cool the process down enough to not melt the cheese.

It needs a good 2 to 3 hours on the cool smoke to do it justice.

Wrap immediately, that’s important as the oils are trying hard to excape.

Let cool and stick in the refrigerator for at least a week or 10 days for osmosis to do it’s thing.

Turn the heat up to 2fiddy and grab a hoe, lol

Peek a boo

goes great with gardening!

what kinds of cheese did you do? my first thought was using the pork as a buffer early on in the smoke, looks really good!

Iberico, manchego, and aged white cheddar

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Suitable for travel and gifting. Hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend with family and friends.

That’s all I got on this one


Tell us more about this Jerry Lee Lewis sauce.
You got a recipe?
My paps nickname was the killer.
He would always tell me about seeing him at Folly Beach,along with some other big names.

No recipe really, I just take the marinade and reduce it, split it in half, then when the hams are finished and are resting I collect and add the au jus to the half not rubbed on the hams to finish them.

Then put in some apple cider vinegar, ketsup, Worcester, salt, black pepper, honey, molasses, coke a cola, minced onion, garlic, dry mustard, red flake pepper,and whatever is in the pantry that looks like it’ll go good, but mostly that stuff.

Boil it all together, then cool it in the refrigerator so you can remove the au jus fat from the top of the container.

Reheat and thin with coke for the correct consistency to serve.

It’s The Killer