Smoked Seatrout on Rectec

Had some vacuum sealed whole trout in the freezer. Heads on, just gutted and gilled. They were from last year but decided to try smoking fish for the first time.

Well, I thawed and made a brine consisting of Kosher salt, little soy sauce, garlic powder and some brown sugar.

Just guessed on the amount I was adding from online and tasted the brine…seemed good, lol. In the fridge they went overnite. In the morning I rinsed and dried off and put them on a rack to chill and somewhat dry. That afternoon I put on Rectec at 200 and after about 4 hours they looked good. Tried one right after removing and was pretty good. After chilling overnite, way better!! Per 5 taste testers.

Gonna make a dip with some. Also gotta get some fresh fish to try:+1:.

BTW, stuck a probe in thickest one towards the end and it read 153. I’ve heard 160 is perfect:question:


I will definitely give that a try,were you sporting a good pellicle?

Not me, but the trout was, in his original skin:+1:.


sounds good. got to try that. i love my rec tec pellet grill. have had it for about three years. going to put a standing rib roast about 5# on mine this afternoon. set it about 225 and let it go . i like to char the rub on the outside when it is a good med rare inside. yum yum.also; if you have not tried it buy a pork belly from costco or wherever and rub it down with whatever you like and put it on there at around 225. let it cook a while and you will love it.

I should try some recipe this month since theres a lot of down time. I should stock up on some ingredients and a few fish and cook something edible for once. My fridge has been empty and its only use right now is to display my national park magnets collection.