Smoked the King

My brother in law brought over some king mackerel and we smoked it on the pellet smoker for about 8 hours at 165. It turned out pretty good.

I smoked a half of a pretty big one last month,cut the skin off and brined it overnight in teriyaki, I never had brined/marinated mine before smoking,it turned out real good.

You can't catch fish on a dry line

I like to salt it down real good, then bag it up in Karo syrup for a day or so. Then smoke it. Gourmet.

I’ll try that next time,sounds good

You can't catch fish on a dry line

we did brine it for 24hrs
water, salt, brown sugar, bay leaves, garlic cloves, onions, and pineapple juice.
glazed it with maple syrup while on the smoker.