Snaps on T-Top

Of course the snaps corrode after a while, along wit some metal. Last time I filled in the holes with JB Weld , tapped the hole and put a new machine bolt it. Long process.
Any shorter way to accomplish this? Some people said to put a thru bolt thru the tubing ,I don’t like that idea. Thanks

Seems like you already know what you need to do… even if you don’t want to…

If you do go the through hole direction, get quality 316 stainless from WM or such, much of the stainless at home depot and lowes is 304 and will rust much faster than the 316. That’s what I would do anyway! You got this!

Fishing Nerd

“skilled labor isn’t cheap, cheap labor isn’t skilled”

I would think twice before through bolting unless the nuts are going to be hidden someway that would look tacky in my opinion. JB weld and tap. Before you put your snaps together put some grease in the female end then snap together it will all a significant amount of life to the snap. I apply it liberally snap and then wipe off excess.

SS rivets

Thanks, it gets frustrating after a while, I spend what I thing a good amount of time cleaning the boat after a trip. Just don’t mess with Mother Nature.:smiley:
I use white grease ( lithium) on all the snaps which made a huge difference in saving a lot of busted snaps on the tee top frame & the tee top itself.
Antisieze is another good one.

Thanks again all